Yearly Programs

Foundations Preschool offers programs to meet the needs of preschool children (age two years six months to five years old).

Full Day (7 am – 6 pm), Full Week (M-F) and Full Year (12 months) are available.


We are open year round Monday through Friday from 7am until 6pm.
We are not open weekends or most major holidays (Christmas-New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, etc.) and closed for one week in August for teacher training.

Our Approach

Foundations Preschool uses a three-prong approach:

  1. Our teachers use the internationally recognized High/Scope Early Education curriculum in a child-centered, experiential environment.
  2. We provide on-going social and academic intervention services to address at-risk factors that may impede future learning (such as: behavior or speech difficulties).
  3. We focus on parent participation. We recognize parents as a child’s “first teacher” and we work to equip Foundations Preschool parents with support services that add stability to the family unit, while also helping parents to effectively reinforce the academic and social skills developed in school.

While in our care, each child is provided a free, nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack, and individualized attention from professional, degreed staff in small classroom settings (1:8 teacher-student ratio).

Our children make significant intellectual and social gains from their full-day exposure to a stimulating, literacy-rich environment that promotes independent learning and school readiness.



At Foundations Preschool, our program is not only the most affordable, but it is also of the highest educational quality for early childhood education. Foundations Preschool follows the High/Scope curriculum and holds NAEYC accreditation, a privilege that only 8% of all childcare centers in the country have attained.

Our head teachers all have at least a Bachelors degree and our assistant teachers all have at least an associates degree or CDA in early childhood education. The teaching staff is supported by a Program Director and a Social Worker.

Each day at Foundations Preschool, our teachers provide a developmentally appropriate learning environment to help our children acquire pre-literacy, pre-math, language and social skills. This is all done in a small classroom setting (1:8 teacher ratios) and is accomplished using fun, interactive focus areas designed to engage the children.

Foundations Preschool strongly believes that in order for the child to make academic and social/emotional gains, there needs to be a home/school partnership. Foundations Preschool’s teachers are instrumental in making this connection. Twice per year, our teachers hold parent/teacher conference. During these conferences, teachers and parents discuss the children’s growth, areas that still need to be developed, and what can be done at home to reinforce what is being done in the classroom.

Teachers also make two home visits per year to all homes of the children in the 4-year-old program. The focuses of these visits are to reinforce the concept of the parent/teacher educational team, build a personal relationship with the family, and to make the child feel special.

Support Services

Social Work Intervention: Foundations Preschool has a part-time social worker whose role is to support the teachers, students and parents by conducting psycho-social assessments; assisting with the formation of treatment planning; developing/monitoring care goals for each identified family served; facilitating the process to external agencies; and coordinating with the Program Director and Executive Director to create relevant family outreach and educational programming; and participating in on-going quality assurance and program evaluation.

Speech Therapist: For two hours each week Foundations Preschool’s speech and language therapist comes into Foundations Preschool to assess and provide speech therapy for those children identified as needing intervention.

Family Services: Foundations Preschool offers the parents of our children monthly workshops that focus on early childhood education, parenting skills, financial literacy, and other topics to help our parents with parenting and life skills. The Program Director puts out a monthly bi-lingual newsletter and fields questions from concerned parents.