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March is Reading Month

As we wind down March is Reading Month , we would like to share what we have been doing at Foundations to support literacy. Founded to celebrate the birthday of the favorite author of millions of children, Dr. Seuss, National Reading Month is aimed at giving kids chance to improve their reading skills and make reading a daily habit.

Why is Early Literacy Important? Children introduced to reading early:

  • read earlier and excel in school compared to children who are not exposed to language and books at a young age (American Academy of Pediatrics).
  • reading, rhyming, singing, and talking — beginning from birth — profoundly influence literacy and language development, the foundations for all other learning (
  • enter kindergarten with an advantage that carries with them throughout their school years

This week was a busy week filled with literacy activities. Today, the amazing storyteller Linda Pershin Raynor made reading aloud come to life! Read-alouds are powerful because they serve so many instructional purposes—to motivate, encourage, excite, develop comprehension, assist children in making connections, and serve as a model of what fluent reading sounds like. Exciting read-alouds, as Linda gave us today, help children recognize what reading for pleasure is all about.

On Tuesday, volunteers from Target Reads! visited each classroom. Books were read during story-time, snack-time, and even during lunch.

Language, literacy, and communication is an important part of our preschooler’s day, every day. Children also experienced interactive felt board stories, letters in the sensory bin, mailing stories to friends in the classroom, and tons of Dr. Seuss themed activities.

Parents can continue to support literacy at home by reading at least 20 minutes a day, talk daily about home and school, singing and dancing, and putting on plays!

A free service available to parents to support literacy at home is TALK, Text to Learn for Kindergarten. TALK sends biweekly text messages suggesting activities
that parents and caregivers can easily incorporate into daily interactions with their children. The service also notifies parents of free educational activities in their area. TALK is available to parents and caregivers of children ages 5 and under across Washtenaw County. Parents can sign up by texting TALK to 77453 or visiting

With the assurance that your preschooler is on the road to reading, here is to embracing March is National Reading Month and building on these important foundational skills beyond March 31st.

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